Patio/Container Gardening

You might think, “Well this gardening stuff sounds cool, but what I live in an apartment and all I have is a little patio?” Or, you may be thinking, “I am renting and do not want to invest a lot of money in some one else’s place.” There is an easy solution to both of these dilemmas: container gardening.


Supplies that you will need are: a pot of some sort, (your pot can be any container that has a good drainage hole in the bottom), rocks to put in the bottom of the pot to help drain off excess water, and a saucer to catching the water that drains through the pot (this is especially important if you have a wood floor on your patio). You will also need good soil that contains a high amount of organic matter, and, of course, you need plants. After you’ve gathered up all of your supplies, put about a half inch of rocks in the bottom of the pot or container of your choice then fill it up with soil.

Some Containers with plants


You can put either annuals or perennials in your container, or you can use a combination of the two. Some good annuals for a starting a container garden are marigolds, petunias, pansy, lobelia and impatiens for shady areas. Some good perennials to put in you planter are any of the different types of ornamental grass, bleeding hearts and bee balm. Any of these can be combined to make a very attractive container garden in a very limited space. Or, if you’re interested in growing your own food, you could plant easy-to-grow veggies like radishes, onions and lettuce in your container!


Be sure to check your containers every day because they will dry out easily out in the sun and wind. Remember that even a fair-sized container will not have as much of a water reserve in the soil for your plants as they would have if they were planted out in a yard. The plants in the containers will need to be fertilized just like your house plants since they can only get whatever nutrients you put in the pot.

Have fun patio/container gardening. Feel free to try experiment with different plants for in your containers. There is a huge variety of plant material available that will work just fine.



  1. Marty said,

    April 21, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Great info.

  2. Marianna Brandt said,

    April 23, 2008 at 5:52 am

    This is all very interesting and very helpful.

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