Cacti are good house plants to consider because they are very low maintenance. Just because they do not take a lot of water does not mean that they don’t need water.

One type of cactus to consider is Astrophytum capricorne or goat’s horn, which is gray and spineless. They like warm temperatures but need to have good air flow (1). Another type is Cephalocereus, or columnar cactus. There are many species of columnar cactus, and they all require at least four hours of direct sunlight per day. They also need to be watered whenever the soil is dry (1). There are also several other types of cactus to consider.

 Goat’s horn                                        Columnar Cactus                                        


Goat’s horn                                          Columnar Cactus


In general, cacti need to have direct sunlight for at least four full hours per day.

Watering and Fertilizing

Water only when the soil is completely dry and fertilize with house plant fertilizer only once a month (1).

Temperature and Pests

They need temperature at 60 to 85 degrees (1). Cacti are extremely prone to spider mites.


(1) Clark, David E. Ed. How to Grow House Plants.Sunset Books, Menlo Park, CA 1976


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